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DIY Flower Headpiece

It is October, and I thought I would dig into my arts and crafts archives and come up with a nice DIY for Halloween. I found a beautiful purple wig on Amazon, so off of that and a little sketch I made playing with colors and went shopping.

I marched to Michael's with only the idea of the colors I wanted to use and then a miracle unfolded as I walked through the automatic sliding doors confronted by the smell of pumpkin spice and cinnamon: Fall flowers were 60% off! I couldn't believe it. I spent a good hour trying to find everything I needed and putting the flowers together in my head to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Before I went on to pay and hop inside the Dollar Tree to look for the headbands, I saw the red and yellow roses on the floor with out stems or price on them. I took them thinking they would charge me the same price as the purple roses. As I get to the register, I approached an employee and asked her for the price of the yellow and red roses. She looked a little puzzled so went on to ask a manager and to my surprised they just gave them to me! Apparently they were going to be trashed anyways so they decided to make one costumer very, but VERY happy! Here's what I came up with and I LOVED IT!


-Glue Gun

-Glue Gun Sticks


-Plastic Flowers


So this is it! It was much easier and prettier than I would have ever imagined. I hope this inspired your creative juices and you dare to make your own!

Susy V.P.

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